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Hand push seed drill/ Fasal Buwai Yantr/Manually operated seeder machine

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Hand push seed drill

Suitable for seed - maize, groundnut, red gram, soybean, gram, sorghum, beans, green gram, black gram, sunflower, hours gram, and other millets etc.

Function- sowing of seeds 

Seed topography - plan land, mountain land, hilly areas

Hole seed rate - 1 to 2 seeds adjustable

Seed depth - 50mm - 60mm

Spacing between seeds - 14 cm - 30 cm (adjustable)

Capacity of seed box -    3 - 4 kg (adjustable) 

Mouth number- 12 (adjustable)

Net weight - 11 to 12 kg 

Packing Capacity - 540 ×280× 560 mm

Seed Dispenser: Beneath the seed hopper, there's a mechanism for dispensing seeds. This mechanism can vary depending on the specific design of the seeder. Some manual seeders use gravity to release seeds, while others may have rotating or vibrating mechanisms to control seed flow.
Depth Adjustment: Manual seeders often come with depth adjustment settings, allowing users to plant seeds at the desired depth in the soil. This is important for optimizing germination and seedling establishment.

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