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Ultra Power Solar Fence Guard Machine

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*Battery Saving Mode
*Solar Charge Controlling Smartly 3. Fence Fault Indication
*50 Acres Capacity Solar Panels Attachment capacity up to 100 watts
*Battery Capacity Up to 150Ah.
*Revers Charge Protection
*Fence fault light indication
*Siren System
*Solar charging Controller
*Battery Low Protection & indication light Battery Low Protection while Less than 10Volt (For Battery Saving)
*Auto mode & Manual Mode system
*18 Months Warranty of Machine
*10 Years Warranty of Solar
*High Power Low Power
*Solar Input Voltage Protection


* 12 VOLT 40 WATT SOLAR black anodized 










About solar fence energizer

SHREE KRUSHI is the Operational Ultra Power Solar Fence Guard Machine Manufacturers in Maharashtra. The Ultra Power Solar Fence Guard Machine that we manufacture is a device that runs on solar energy and helps to create an electric fence. Our Ultra Power Solar Fence Guard Machine serves many purposes and also gives other different benefits. The Ultra Power Solar Fence Guard Machine manufactured by us uses advanced technology to give us better performance and control. Our machine gives you many options so that you can customize it and also it can easily cover a large area. Our customer service always takes care of the needs of our customers so if you have any queries you can contact us.


We are the most Uncomplicated Ultra Power Solar Fence Guard Machine Suppliers in Amravati. Our Ultra Power Solar Fence Guard Machine has remote control capabilities which help users to manage and adjust the electric current intensity from a distance and make it more convenient for our customers. The  Ultra Power Solar Fence Guard Machines that we manufacture are long-lasting and can easily tolerate all kinds of weather conditions so you can use them in all weather and need not worry about anything else. 


Get the most Handy Ultra Power Solar Fence Guard Machine in India. Our Ultra Power Solar Fence Guard Machine offers Better security for both animals and plants as per the need for protection. Our machine is an environment-friendly option that also helps you to save money and thus this ultra solar fence guard is a smart choice for our users

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