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Agricultural Wire Fencing/Clutch boundary wire 5kg/10kg/20kg

₹ 1,149.00 ₹ 1,400.00
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·        Three types of wire bundle

·        Approximately _500 meter(5kg) / 100 meter(10kg) / 2000 meter(20kg)

·        Good Works best with  PCM & ULTRA POEWR Solar Fencing System

·        High Tensile Clutch Wire

·        Zinc Coated

·        TATA AND BUNSAL Raw GI Cable used for Production

·        1.5 mm Thickness

·        Very hard to cut

·        Solar fencing wire is better than Regular wire

·        With plastic Round roll for Easy to use

About Fencing wire

"Fence wire" generally refers to the wire used in constructing fences. There are various types of wire commonly used for fencing, each with its own characteristics and suitability for different types of fences. Here are some common types of fence wire:
1.     Barbed Wire: Barbed wire is a type of fencing wire with sharp barbs or points spaced at intervals along the wire. It's often used for security and to deter animals and trespassers.

2.     Field Fence or Farm Fence Wire: Field fence, also known as farm fence or livestock fence, is a woven wire fence designed to contain animals. It typically has smaller openings at the bottom to prevent smaller animals from squeezing through.

3.     Woven Wire Mesh: This type of wire is used for various fencing purposes, including garden fencing and animal enclosures. It consists of wires woven together to create a mesh pattern.

4.     Electric Fence Wire: Electric fence wire carries an electric current to deter animals or intruders. It is commonly used for livestock containment and security.

5.     Chain Link Fence Wire: Chain link fences are made of interlocking steel wires woven into a diamond pattern. This type of wire is durable and often used for residential, commercial, and industrial fencing.

6.     Galvanized Wire: Galvanized wire is coated with zinc to protect it from rust and corrosion. It's commonly used in various fencing applications to ensure longevity.

7.     Stainless Steel Wire: Stainless steel wire is highly corrosion-resistant and is used in situations where durability and longevity are essential, such as marine environments or areas with high humidity.

8.     High Tensile Wire: High tensile wire is known for its strength and ability to withstand tension. It's often used in agricultural and livestock fencing.
The choice of fence wire depends on the specific needs and requirements of your fencing project, including the type of fence you're building, the terrain, and the intended purpose of the fence. Make sure to select the appropriate wire for your specific application to ensure the fence serves its purpose effectively. (WE NOT SURE ABOUT RUSTING ANY WIRE)

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