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Heavy Plastic Insulator /Jumbo Reel Insulators

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Weight = 65 gram 
Diameter = 53.61 mm
Height = 51.68 mm

Better Use for iron pole for solar fence guard

Best Insulation than Other insulators


• High Density plastic Construction
• Used for Fencing GI Wire
• It Maintains a safety gap between GI Wire and earthing
• Used for all the poles in fencing
• Used for permanently solution from shorting current
• Long life solution

Material: Reel insulators for solar fences are typically made of durable and non-conductive materials such as plastic or ceramic. These materials are chosen for their ability to withstand outdoor conditions, including exposure to sunlight, moisture, and temperature variations.
Insulation: The primary function of reel insulators is to provide insulation between the electrified wires and the supporting structures, such as fence posts or poles. This insulation prevents electrical leakage and ensures that the fence delivers an effective shock to deter intruders.
Mounting: Reel insulators are designed to be easily mounted onto fence posts or other support structures along the fence line. They may feature mounting holes or clips for secure attachment, and they should be spaced at regular intervals to provide adequate support for the electrified wires.
Adjustability: Some reel insulators for solar fences may offer adjustable features to accommodate variations in terrain or tension requirements. For example, they may have mechanisms for adjusting the height or angle of the electrified wires to ensure proper alignment and tension.



SHREE KRUSHI is the best Heavy Plastic Insulator Manufacturers in Maharashtra. The "heavy" in the name of our heavy plastic insulator is not just a label. The name of our plastic insulator that we have kept is due to the design in which our heavy plastic insulator comes. We have employed various testing methods that are important to check whether these are up to the mark or not. No matter if you are buying it to keep your livestock animal safe or a stray branch, the robust design of our heavy plastic insulator keeps the structure intact and makes the insulator last long for years to come. 


We are the most protective Heavy Plastic Insulator Suppliers in Amravati. The heavy plastic insulator that you get from the local market might not be that practical and affordable as most of our client base is kisan or farmer only that is why we have come up with several cost-effective products such as our heavy plastic insulator. So make sure to consider us only for all the needs of your heavy plastic insulator as we are the best company to consider.


Get the most suitable Heavy Plastic Insulator in India. Our heavy plastic insulator despite being made of plastic, is a natural non-conductor, this ensures that the electric current in the fence remains where it should - within the wire and not here and there as this might cause accidents. But you have our heavy plastic insulator that minimizes the risk of electrical grounding or unwanted discharges. Unlike other materials that might degrade under prolonged exposure to the sun or rain, our heavy plastic does not.

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