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Solar Fence Guard Machine / Monkey zatka Machine / animals protector machine

₹ 10,999.00 ₹ 12,500.00
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Smart Highlight Features

1. Battery Saving Mode

2. When Battery Full Charged (Green Light Blinking)

3. When Battery low - Machine Automatic Shutdown Smartly 4.Full Protection Solar Charge Controller.

60 Acres Capacity
* Solar Panels Attachment capacity up to 100 watts
* Battery Capacity Up to 150Ah.
* Revers Charge Protection AC CFL Light System Plug
* Android Mobile Charging System
* 2 In 1 Siren system
* Solar charging Controller
* Battery Low Protection & indication light Solar Light Blinking while Battery Full Charged (More Than           95%)
* Current Auto Cut Of when Battery Low
* Battery Low Protection while Less than 10Volt (For Battery Saving) Auto mode & Manual Mode system *
* High Power Low Power
* Solar Input Voltage Protection

* Super P.C.M. plus Energizer (18 Month Warranty)  
* 20 Volt 40 Watt Panel     (up to 25 years Durable )
* 130 Large Hook insulator
* 20 Corner
* Battery Cable
* Battery 12v 14Ah Best Quality
* External Siren
* Inbuilt Siren
* Warning Board 4 pieces

About Solar Fence Energizer 

A fence energizer, also known as an electric fence charger or energizer unit, is a device used in electric fencing systems. Electric fencing is a method of containing livestock and keeping unwanted animals out of an area by delivering a non-lethal electric shock when an animal comes into contact with the electrified wires. Fence energizers play a crucial role in powering these systems.
Here are the key components and functions of a fence energizer:
1.    Power Supply: Most fence energizers are powered by electricity, either from a mains power source or a battery, including solar-powered options. Some energizers are also powered by a combination of these sources, which can provide backup power in case of outages.
2.    Pulse Generator: The heart of the fence energizer is a pulse generator that creates periodic bursts of electrical energy, often in the form of high-voltage, low-current pulses. These pulses are sent down the electrified wires to create an electrified barrier.

SHREE KRUSHI is the Steady Solar Fence Guard Machine Manufacturers in Maharashtra. Our Solar Fence Guard Machine is a device that creates an electric fence using energy from the sun. our machine converts sunlight into electricity and sends quick electric pulses through a fence wire. The Solar Fence Guard Machine that we supply can easily keep unwanted animals or people away from your property. Our Solar Fence Guard Machine makes use of solar energy and it does not need electricity to work. So you don’t have to worry as it can work anytime anywhere and will also help you to save money.

We are the most protective Solar Fence Guard Machine Suppliers in Amravati. The  Solar Fence Guard Machine manufactured by us can even work during a power loss as it does not work on electricity or is not connected to the power grid.  Our Solar Fence Guard Machine can efficiently save your property and also helps you to save money by reducing electricity bills because it does not work on electricity. The  Solar Fence Guard Machine that we manufacture is very easy to use and you can set it up yourself easily without taking help from anyone.


Get the most Rugged Solar Fence Guard Machine in India. Our Solar Fence Guard Machine can work in all kinds of weather. Sun, rain, or snow, your fence stays running. The Solar Fence Guard Machine that we manufacture is strong enough to keep animals away but it does not hurt them badly. Our machine can send a message to your phone if someone tries to harm or destroy the fence and You get to know immediately. You can easily turn it on or off from a distance and also you can switch off the fence if you are in that area.

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