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Electrical Fencing Insulator/ Round Insulators / Reel PACK

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Height –  3.25 CM


LARGE Reel insulator for Solar Fencing or Electric fencing for Home, Office, Apartments and Agriculture. Large Reel Insulators, also Called spool insulators, these insulators are used to guide the fence wire along the boundary through Intermediate posts. Also, this insulator useful for PCM and ULTRA POWER solar machine, our reel insulators are widely known for their functionality & long life are manufactured from Virgin UV resistant Polypropylene Plastic UV stabilized rated for 15KV.

Reel insulators are devices used in electric fencing systems to maintain tension on the wire and to insulate it from the fence posts or other structures. They typically consist of a spool or reel around which the electric fence wire is wound, with a plastic or ceramic insulator separating the wire from the reel and the fence post.

Here's how reel insulators work and how they're used in electric fencing systems:

Tension Maintenance: Reel insulators play a crucial role in maintaining tension on the electric fence wire. As animals come into contact with the wire, it may stretch or sag over time. The reel insulator allows the wire to be wound tightly around the spool, keeping it taut and ensuring effective deterrence.
Insulation: The plastic or ceramic material of the insulator prevents the electric fence wire from coming into direct contact with the fence posts or other structures. This insulation is essential for ensuring that the electric charge carried by the wire remains confined to the perimeter of the fence, maximizing its effectiveness in deterring animals.

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