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Sumo Big Security Jhatka Machine/ Low Cost Fence Energizer

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Brand - Kisanbaba

Product Dimensions- -25L x 20W x 15H Centimeters

Included Components
Siren with cable, Battery connection cable, 1 pc machine 150 bigha 15 kv,  Battery connection cable, 1 pc machine 150 bigha 15 kv,  adapter
Maximum Power- 40 Watts

Capacisty of Machine -150bigha

Power Source: Fence energizers can be powered by mains electricity, batteries, or solar panels. Mains-powered units are typically used for permanent installations, while battery or solar-powered units are suitable for remote locations or temporary fencing.
Electrical Pulse: The energizer generates an electrical pulse at high voltage but low current. This pulse is sent through the fence wire and delivers a short, sharp shock to anything that comes into contact with it.
Control and Monitoring: Many modern energizers come with features such as adjustable pulse settings, indicator lights to show when the fence is active, and alarms to indicate faults in the fence system.
Safety Features: Fence energizers often include safety features to minimize the risk of harm to humans or animals. These may include features such as automatic shut-off in the event of a short circuit or overload, as well as weatherproof casings to protect against the elements.
Effectiveness: A properly installed and maintained electric fence with an effective energizer can provide an effective deterrent against animals or intruders while minimizing harm. However, it's essential to ensure that the fence complies with local regulations and safety standards, especially if it is intended for use in areas accessible to the public or where there may be a risk to children or pets.

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