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PVC OutPut Zatka Machine Cable Agriculture Solar Zatka Machine Output Cable

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Specification OUTPUT CABLE

Diameter :- 10mm

2 Layers PVC Hard Coating from Internal GI wire

Interner Hard GI Wire Size ;- 1mm

Full shock Sparking protections 

Magnetic Feild Power Insulations 

Standards Compliance: Quality hard PVC output cables conform to relevant safety and performance standards set by organizations such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) or national standards bodies.
When selecting hard PVC output cables for a particular application, it's essential to consider factors such as voltage rating, current carrying capacity, environmental conditions, and regulatory requirements to ensure safe and reliable operation. It's also crucial to follow proper installation practices and guidelines to maintain electrical safety and compliance.


A "hard PVC output cable" likely refers to a type of cable used for electrical connections, particularly in applications where durability and protection against environmental factors are important. Here's some information about hard PVC output cables:

Material: Hard PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a type of plastic known for its rigidity and resistance to chemicals, weathering, and abrasion. Cables made from hard PVC are sturdy and durable, making them suitable for outdoor and industrial use.
Usage: Hard PVC output cables are commonly used to connect electrical devices or components to power sources or other equipment. They can be found in various applications, including industrial machinery, appliances, electrical distribution systems, and automotive wiring.
Protection: The hard PVC insulation provides excellent protection for the conductors inside the cable. It helps prevent damage from moisture, chemicals, oils, and physical stress, ensuring reliable performance and longevity in harsh environments.
Conductors: Inside the hard PVC insulation, there are typically one or more conductors made of copper or aluminum. These conductors carry electrical current from one point to another within the electrical system.
Sizes and Configurations: Hard PVC output cables are available in various sizes and configurations to suit different voltage and current requirements. They may come in single-core or multi-core designs, with different cross-sectional areas to accommodate different power loads.
Installation: Hard PVC output cables are relatively easy to install and work with. They can be cut to length, stripped of insulation, and terminated with connectors or terminals as needed for the application.

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