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25-30 Acres Capacity
Solar Panels Attachment capacity up to 50 watts •

 Battery Capacity Up to 40Ah.
Solar Charge Controller inbuilt system  
Siren System
Solar charging Controller
Battery Low light system
Auto mode & Manual Mode system And Solar Input Voltage Protection

Material With Combo
* Mini Ultra Power Energizer 
* 20 Volt 20 Watt Panel
* Battery Cable
* Battery 12v 14Ah
* External Siren
* Warning Board 4pcs
* 100 Large Hook insulator PV material 
* 20 Corner green/red Vergin Quality
* Total 120 Insulators  


About Solar fence guard 

A solar zatka machine, also known as a solar electric fence energizer, is a device used to power electric fences for agricultural and security purposes. The term "zatka" is commonly used in some regions to refer to electric fences.

Here's a general description of a solar zatka machine:

Solar Panel: The zatka machine is equipped with a solar panel that collects sunlight and converts it into electrical energy. This solar panel is usually mounted on the top of the device to maximize exposure to sunlight.
Battery: There is a rechargeable battery within the zatka machine to store the energy generated by the solar panel. This battery ensures that the electric fence remains powered even during periods of low sunlight or at night.
Energizer Unit: The heart of the zatka machine is the energizer unit, which converts the stored electrical energy from the battery into high-voltage pulses. These pulses are sent along the electric fence wires, providing a non-lethal but effective deterrent to animals or intruders.

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