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Solar Fence Guard Zatka Machine/Digital Solar Zatka Machine PCM PLUS

₹ 6,800.00 ₹ 7,950.00
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Smart Highlight Features

1. Battery Saving Mode

2. When Battery Full Charged (Green Light Blinking)

3. When Battery low - Machine Automatic Shutdown Smartly 4.Full Protection Solar Charge Controller.

60 Acres Capacity
* Solar Panels Attachment capacity up to 100 watts
* Battery Capacity Up to 150Ah.
* Revers Charge Protection AC CFL Light System Plug
* Android Mobile Charging System
* 2 In 1 Siren system
* Solar charging Controller
* Battery Low Protection & indication light Solar Light Blinking while Battery Full Charged (More Than 95%)
* Current Auto Cut Of when Battery Low
* Battery Low Protection while Less than 10Volt (For Battery Saving) Auto mode & Manual Mode system *
* High Power Low Power
* Solar Input Voltage Protectio.

SHREE KRUSHI is the Repellent Digital Solar Zatka Machine Manufacturers in Maharashtra. A Digital Solar Zatka Machine is a smart and eco-friendly device that we have designed to protect farms and fields from unwanted animals and intruders. It's a simple but effective solution for farmers and property owners. When an animal or person comes in contact with the fence where our machine is installed, it delivers a harmless electric shock to deter them from crossing the boundary. The shock is not harmful, but it serves as a strong lesson to keep the intruders away from entering your domain and you can be safe as well as your crops.


We are the most Budget-friendly Digital Solar Zatka Machine Suppliers in Amravati. These machines that we provide run on solar power, which is not only green but also reduces electricity costs. As the farmers do not have an extensive budget that can handle the hefty electricity bills that is why we provide the solar option in our digital solar zatka machine so that once the installation of our machine is done, there are no to minimal operational costs, making it an economical choice for long-term use. 


Get the most Thunderous Digital Solar Zatka Machine in India. It effectively keeps unwanted animals away, protecting crops and property. These digital solar zatka machines that we make require little maintenance, and the solar panels ensure continuous power. These machines are easy to install and use, even for those with limited technical knowledge. They provide a non-lethal shock, ensuring the safety of both intruders and animals.

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