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Quotations that Secure Your Fencing Needs.

Unleash the Strength, Define the Boundaries: Crafting Excellence in Every Strand – Your Gateway to Quality Fencing Wire Solutions.

We send the quotation on provided E-Mail ID automatically. make sure the E-Mail ID you enter is accessible.

Perimeter is total length that you want to fence. Perimeter = (2 x Length) + (2 x Width), MUST be provided in Selected UNIT.

Generally 3 Meters or 10 Feet is suggested distance. depending on land you can increase or decrease

Most Square or Rectangular Lands have "4" Corners, but irregular lands can have more corners. Please mention it.

Layers / Lanes = how many strings you want. layers depend on what kind of animal conflict you're facing. 3 to 4 for Wild Boars and 7 to 9 for elephants. (use your best judgement),

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